We are bringing a change to the traditional Bible Belt VBS and WE ARE EXCITED...let us explain. This year for VBS we are inviting the family to participate in pursuing God together, while also representing and sharing our faith through our actions. On Wednesday and Thursday June 21st & 22nd we are hosting Family VBS Outreach at Harry Myers park. Friday June 23rd we will end VBS at Cornerstone Church. 

Why family VBS? - The shift to have family participate is fairly simple but not often practiced in churches. We believe that the family unit is the primary source of discipleship in the home. As the church we want to partner and be active in inviting Mom and Dad into these spaces. We are praying this year you and your student learn something new together, grow in your relationship with God together, and grow closer to each other. Not only is it important for your student to grow in their relationship with God it is equally important that they see you growing as well. You as the parent/guardian are modeling what it means to follow Jesus passionately for your child.

What do we mean by Outreach? - One of our values here at Cornerstone is to share the Gospel boldly and the way we plan on doing that is purely by our presence in the park. As we begin to fill the spaces of an open field with worship, dance, teaching, laughing, and play as a family and a church the hope is  people in our community will see and be curious. We hope that by simply celebrating and pursuing God publicly, the Holy Spirit will stir those watching and that we will have an opportunity to love and share Jesus with them. We will have a specific team trained in evangelism to connect and share Jesus with anyone who asks what is taking place. We do recognize this is new territory and we are excited to learn and pivot together as we engage our community in this way!



We recognize that hosting at the park brings up concerns of safety. Hopefully we can address those here, if you have additional questions feel free to reach out to our team. The biggest key component to making sure this is a safe space is reiterating that this is a family VBS so it won't just be our teams eyes but also your eyes on your own kids. We have also met with the head over our security/cover team to properly plan out how many cover team members will be present on the days of VBS and the positions they will all be in to make sure all spaces are covered.We will have a volunteer adult team that will constantly be roaming the specific area that we are in for an additional safety. Because this page is public and anyone can look at this we are intentionally being vague on team placement and plans. If you would like more specifics to safety and plans please email