Easter // When Words became real

A frequently posed question is, "What sets Christianity apart?" The response lies in Easter—specifically, in the acknowledgment of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On this significant holiday, we observe and celebrate the moment when words transformed into reality. The prophecies foretold the arrival of a savior, and they were completely fulfilled. Jesus not only proclaimed to be the Son of God but proved it through the redemptive and resurrection power, evident in His continued existence to this day.

What occurred on Easter holds significance, because it is the catalyst for bringing hope to the world. As a church, our responsibility is to share that hope, impart its teachings, embody the essence of hope, and place our trust in it. Easter is when words became real and when hope received its name...JESUS!

Service TIMES

Easter Sunday:             Good Friday

9:00 am              6:00pm       

10:45 am                             .   


Cornerstone Rockwall

1565 Airport Rd Rockwall, Tx 75087

What to Expect

We fully understand that going to a new church can be nerve wracking because at one point or another we were new here also. With that being said we hope the information below can help you have healthy expectation to what you will experience on any Sunday!

  • What to wear??? Traditionally on Sunday's what you will find the attire of most people is casual. Yes we have some individuals that sharpen up quite nicely, but for the most part you will find jeans a nice t-shirt or polos, and for the ladies the same feel applies. In fact a great example is our staff pictures. You will find we are a church made up of ordinary people that simply want to follow Jesus with all of our hearts. Now with all that being said it will be Easter Sunday and while our expectations for dress code haven't changed more than likely people will be a bit more dressed up for those family Easter photos. 

  • What can my kids expect? Every Sunday morning we provide Childrens Ministry for babies up to 6th grade. This is not child care or baby sitting but an intentional time we have to teach from the word of God and help your student understand the love of Jesus. In the same way we prayerful teaching and exegete scripture in "BIG CHURCH" we also intentionally teaching and exegete in Kid's Church. We use a curriculum called The Gospel Project and every year journey through the books of the Bible looking at the grand narrative of God's love for us.

  • What can I expect during the service? At Cornerstone the music and worship played will lean more on the contemporary side with a high reverence of vertical worship. When we say vertical worship what we mean is the songs we sing and declare are about God's goodness and majesty and not about what we get out of it. Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God almighty and we want everyone that joins us to know just how amazing our God is through the way we sing in worship. The teaching will follow this exact same pattern. Whomever you hear teaching will also be teaching vertically. God's word is authoritative and through reading it we better understand and see God's character and love for His creation. Whether it is a topical or a book series we exegete from the word of God and teach it within its original context not our cultural bias. 

  • How long will the service be? Now if the Lord does something crazy then maybe longer than expected but our service should not exceed an hour and fifteen minutes. 

  • Are we big or are we small?

    We don't really know to be honest I guess it depends on who you ask...to us it seems perfect right now! We are a church roughly around 400+ people including kids more or less depending on the weekend. We have a desire to produce disciples that make disciples which means we won't be at 400 for long but any given Sunday in the future you can expect close to this number!

Easter Devo: Preparing our hearts

HOLY WEEK - Worship & Prayer

During Holy Week we want to open up the church doors for 24 hours for 7 days to worship and pray leading up to Easter Sunday. SIGN UP here to choose which times you would like to come up here and pray!